Sunday, February 15, 2009

Acai Berry Weight Loss

Found wetlands flourishing Amazon ACAI fruit and the nutrients the body needs. Flood zones in the tropics of Central and South America, the Golden Palm ACAI Berry fruit in groups 700-900.

ACAI has many health benefits, because a large part of the diet needs fiber, antioxidants, fatty acids and proteins. ACAI In bays and wetlands need moisture to grow. Thousands of palm trees per hectare in areas of rain forests.

ACAI fruit begin to ripen green and Deep Purple. Each of the Palm ACAI usually four to eight categories of fruit is in the middle of the biggest fruits ripen in the dry season from July to December.

In ACAI palms of all the corners of the meadow, where the big woods. One of the wonders of nature, where one of the bars is ACAI cut stems grow long and cut the fruit growth of asparagus.

ACAI Palm is the world's largest source of palmettos. Brazil, the herbal medicine, oil ACAI Berry managed diarrhea, berries, grated rind of the current wash skin ulcers, fruits and seeds are ground and in the treatment of a fever.

ACAI research scientists to find out how to cook. Scientists trying to find ways ACAI Berry combat diseases such as diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders problems, obesity, abnormal blood clotting, obesity, and much more.

Experts do not know what the effect of antioxidants in cancer cells in the human body through a number of factors, such as metabolism, absorption of nutrients and other biochemical processes in May chemical antioxidant activities have an impact.

Brazil has long been used ACAI fruit treatment of skin and gastrointestinal problems. Medical studies show ACAI products, consumers can lower cholesterol, energy and lose weight. Yes, weight can be achieved ACAI berry.

Beginning to understand the health benefits of ACAI Palm. It can also be collected for their good heart of the Palm, that delicious salad. Colombia, where palm trees grow ACAI along the Pacific coast, ACAI berries are popular drinks.

Research at the University of Florida, six different chemical extracts were ACAI fruit pulp, and each extract was divided into seven levels of concentration. Application for 24 hours, killing four excerpts from a number of leukemia cells. University of Florida study shows that research in foods in the U.S. is very important because it can lead to health benefits of foods.

Instructions are fed a balanced diet, at least five servings of vegetables and fruit a day recommended for optimum health. Study effect of nutrition on chronic diseases are increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits associated with lower risk of many diseases.

One type, ACAI Berry is also a high concentration of essential fatty acids, mainly oleic acid easier. This reduces inflammation of nutrients, that is the main cause of deterioration of health as the experience of age.